Discovering Happiness

Uncategorized Dec 08, 2017

I talk to so many women that are struggling with maintaining happiness.  They may feel happy for a day or two, or even a few months, then find themselves back in despair without seeing a way out.  Here are three tips for discovering and maintaining happiness:


  1. Realize that you have a choice and you are not simply a victim of your circumstances. The life events that have negatively impacted you are very real and your emotions are valid; however, you have a choice about how you respond to these events.  If you’ve spent several years, months, or even days, wallowing in despair, decide today to make a different choice as your response to the situation.  You can actually CHOOSE to respond with a conqueror mentality.  In other words, you can decide that you will conquer whatever has happened to you, and come out BETTER than before.  For example, if you’ve experienced infidelity, rape, molestation, anything of the sorts, you can choose to...
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Changing Your Mindset

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2017

Whenever you feel “stuck” at any point in life it’s usually due to a pattern of thinking that’s holding you hostage in your current situation.  Breaking free of your situation requires a new way of thinking or a change in mindset.  Recall the story of Aron Ralston, the young man who was hiking alone in a slot canyon when a large boulder dislodged and trapped his arm against the canyon wall.  He remained stuck for days while making every effort to free his arm.  I can only imagine how grim the situation appeared with no immediate solutions in sight.  In that scenario, it would be easy to maintain the same pattern of thinking, which is that the boulder has to be lifted, broken, or moved in order to break free.  The unfortunate thing is that anyone who found themselves in this scenario and they maintained this way of thinking, they would remain stuck and would ultimately perish while pinned by that boulder.  The human body...

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Motivational Quotes

Uncategorized Nov 10, 2017

Sometimes when I am feeling discouraged, I will hear a motivational quote that will uplift me and motivate me to continue moving forward.  Here are 30 inspirational quotes to invigorate, motivate, and inspire you:

..All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. –Walt Disney

..A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes. –Mahatma Gandhi

..The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective. --Al Neuharth

..A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. --Confucius

..Don’t fake it till you make it, but FAITH it till you make it. –Trent Shelton

..The best way to predict the future is to create it. –Peter Drucker

..What is not started will never get finished. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

..Nothing is impossible; the word itself says “I’m possible”! --Audrey Hepburn

..The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any....

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What Do You Believe?

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2017

At different points in time, I’ve received notices in the mail indicating that I’ve won the sweepstakes and the listed dollar amount of my winnings would be massive.   The notice would go on to say that the only thing I have to do to claim the winnings is to fill out the form and send it back or call the phone number attached.  I also knew of others who received the same notice in the mail, and between all of us, we were sitting on top of billions of dollars.  But yet, no one I knew, nor myself, took the time to fill out the form or even take the time to call the phone number on the notice.  Filling out a form seems like such a small act to perform in exchange for millions of dollars.  What would stop us from sending that form back?


Now, let’s suppose that we receive a notice from the lottery agency in our home state indicating that we were anonymously entered into a lottery drawing and we’ve won a million dollars, and all...

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Top 7 Life Coaches

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2017

There are numerous life coaches and/or motivational speakers to choose from that will offer online courses, live events, and personal one-on-one coaching sessions.  Each has their own area of specialty and their own style of delivery with their products and services.  I’ve been helped by so many of these coaches over the years through their numerous programs and products.  I’ve even undergone coaching sessions from life coaches that were certified under their program.  As a result, I’ve seen breakthroughs in my life and tremendous personal growth.  I’ve decided to compile a list of my top seven life coaches and/or motivational speakers so that you may benefit too.  The criteria I used to choose these candidates had a lot to do with the programs they offer and the success rates they’ve experienced.

(note: this list is in no particular order)

Mary Morrissey - She specializes in defining your dreams and making them...

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Putting Your Dreams On Hold

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2017

I was surfing the internet one day and I came across a quote from Lady GaGa that said:

“Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore.”

I think this is an interesting point because I talk to so many women that are not living the life of their dreams for this very reason.  I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing if you decide to make a sacrifice for the sake of a relationship, just as long as you’ve mapped out a plan to reach your dreams at a later date.  People put things on hold all of the time, like taking a year off of college, postponing a wedding, waiting to have children, and so forth.  The key is to ALWAYS have a plan for returning to your dream.

So in the meantime, while you have things on hold, you can do research of other people who have accomplished your dream and...

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What Is Your Heart Calling You To Do?

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2017

I went to a university where most of the students majored in pre-medical studies, which is the major you would choose if you want to be a doctor.   I use to often think that I should’ve studied to become a medical doctor instead of the major I chose.  The funny thing about having this recurring thought is that I cringe at the sight of blood, I am too squeamish to assist someone with a broken bone or joint out of place, and I’m uncomfortable at the thought of being around multiple people who are sick.  From the sound of things, I am the LAST person who should consider becoming a doctor, but I couldn’t stop the recurring thoughts that somehow I missed my true calling of becoming a doctor.


Since this thought continued to haunt me, I decided to really analyze what was drawing me to that profession.  I used a lot of different methods to determine my true heart’s desire and to figure out why I felt like my calling was to be a...

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Discovering Your Purpose

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2017

I talk to so many women that have no clue about their purpose in life.  Between working and taking care of their families, they haven’t found additional time to sort through their passions or purpose.  Getting to the root of your purpose is a self-discovery process that time has to be devoted to.  I think it’s nearly impossible to discover your true purpose in life without devoting some time to self-reflect and listen to the voice inside.  You need to set 15-30 minutes aside each day to meditate on a few self-pointed questions until you have the answers you seek.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

What things did I love to do as a child?

What things am I naturally good at?

Even if I couldn’t get paid for it, what’s something I would do for free?

If at the end of my life a DVD played showing me all of the things I accomplished in my lifetime, what is something I wish would there?

These are a few questions to start with. ...

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